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Shaping healthy workplace cultures

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How We Can Help You and Your Team

Your multicultural team is full of experienced and intelligent individuals. And if you harness their collective wisdom your team will strengthen their competitive advantage.

But every day, businesses like yours risk losing that advantage because mindset gaps and cultural differences create barriers to your team’s diverse voices being heard.

At Culture Fit Consulting Ltd we deliver bespoke training and coaching solutions that help your global teams strengthen their competitive advantage by bridging differences and building inclusive communication and collaboration practices.

What You’ll Get From Our Programmes 

In our programmes participants will cultivate a global mindset, commit to inclusive actions and co-create a team playbook to ensure the learning is transferred to the workplace.

Our goal is to enable both the individuals attending our programmes and the teams they’re in, to grow, strengthen their competitive advantage and create meaningful business results.

Participants first cultivate a global mindset, where they’re able to appreciate different ways of seeing the world and evaluate mindset and cultural differences positively.

Participants then learn how to bridge differences by flexing their communication and working style. We get participants to commit to inclusive actions to create greater ownership over applying the skills in the workplace. 

The group finish the programme by working together to co-create a team playbookoutlining the right tools, systems and rituals needed to ensure a inclusive team environment where all voices are heard, valued and respected.

How We Serve Our Clients

We serve our clients through coaching and training solutions. We offer individual coaching programmes and group workshops ranging from 90-minute bite-sized sessions to multi-day learning journeys.

We deliver programmes both face to face and virtually.

The first step in working together is a discovery call or meeting with key stakeholders to uncover what inspired the training project and explore the real need.

Who We Typically Work With

We work with individuals who want to quickly succeed and create a positive impact when stepping into a global role, starting an international assignment or joining a multicultural team.

We work with global teams who want to improve the way they work and create more meaningful team and business results. These teams often face challenges bringing different cultural groups together or are adapting to a new remote or hybrid work environment.

Book Your Discovery Session:

Book a discovery call or meeting to explore the real need of the coaching or training project and discuss how we can best serve you.

About Our Founder

Ben Massen
Founder & Chief Culture Fit Officer

Prior to setting up his own business in the UK, Ben was based in Guangzhou, South China where he gained over 16 years of training, coaching and facilitation experience delivering programmes across APAC. In this time, he developed thousands of professionals from 64 different nationalities, across diverse divisions and professions, to work, lead and communicate more effectively across cultures.

Shaping healthy workplace cultures